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(Important announcement! Casinos that offer the blackjack switch do not accept US customers. Visitors from the US that would like to play online blackjack are advised to visit Wagerweb Casino)

Blackjack is already one of the most popular casino euro games on the internet. The latest blackjack variation is Blackjack Switch. The game is a lot of fun and is becoming popular very quickly. The game is also being introduced at land-based casinos. Check out the rules and try the game at one of our recommended casinos. Have fun!

Summary of Blackjack Switch Rules

It is now possible for the blackjack player to trade a card between two hands. The player needs to put an equal bet on the two hands and can only switch the second card between the hands. Being able to switch a blackjack card increases the chances of hitting a blackjack and getting better cards. Therefore there are a few extra rules to make the blackjack game more honest towards the dealer.

Special Blackjack Switch Game Rules

  • The rules of regular blackjack gambling apply with an exception of the rules listed below.
  • The player must make two equal bets.
  • Cards are dealt with the face upwards.
  • The player may switch the second card dealt to each hand. This is the rule that makes Blackjack Switch special. For example, you are dealt a 5+3, and 7+6. This will normally be a hand of 8 and 13. Especially the 13 is a terrible blackjack hand. If you now switch the second card dealt, the 3 and 6, you will get 5+6 and 7+3. In other words, two great hands for a double down (11 and 10).
  • Player may double on any two cards and after a split.
  • Player may not resplit.
  • Dealer hits a soft 17 (soft=17 with an Ace).
  • If you get blackjack you will get paid 1:1, normally 3:2.
  • When the dealer gets 22 all bets are 'pushed', expect for the blackjacks.
  • Super Match. Possibility of placing an extra bet on getting 2 matching cards out of your first 4 cards.

In Conclusion

Dealer is compensated with a push on 22 and a smaller black jack payout (1:1). Player has more possibilities to influence the outcome of the game. Player will get better blackjack hands and more blackjacks.

It is a lot of fun to switch those cards around!!!